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You've successfully discovered a way to turn your weird pet collecting hobby into a way to become disgustingly wealthy.  Collect and harvest pets at your leisure to gather a surplus of resources. You're going to need them.  After all, you have a bigger goal in mind.

Currently a prototype, originally made for HeartJam.

-WASD to move.

-Left click to select.

-Escape to cancel.

Made in collaboration by BreadVox, Fajpaj, and CapnStache in a little under 72 hours.

Music by UnculturedProductions: https://soundcloud.com/uncultured-productions


PowerOn.zip 12 MB


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i liked it ^_^ there is just a bug when i click on woody for example it gives me Dry cell .. who is next to him . 


Thanks so much for checking it out, I seriously appreciate it! It's a very early iteration so there's room for a lot of improvement. Your commentary was really great! :)


thatnk you and again PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASE change the sound track XD


Can do! After all it's a bit of a first draft. Time constraints were a thing too in regards to that.